Samsung Series 5 ultrabook

Samsung Series 5 ultrabook

Samsung Series 5

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Samsung is bringing back a missing feature of these mini-notebooks with their Series 5 line: the optical disc drive.

The 14-inch Series 5 Ultrabook comes with up to a 1TB hard disc drive along with a 16GB SDD, Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor, an AMD Radeon HD 7550M GPU and the aforementioned optical disc drive.

The 13-inch version tops its HDD at 500GB, with its svelte 0.59-inch thick body weighing in at only 3.1-pounds, but will be ODD free.

Manufacturer Samsung
Model name Samsung
CPU type Intel Core i5-2537M “Sandy Bridge” dual-core processor
CPU speed -
Graphics -
OS Windows 7 Home Premium
Display Size 13.3″ 1366 X 768
Screen Type LED-Backlit LCD
Hard Disk -
Keyboard YES
Touchpad YES
Battery capacity -
Weight 000 pounds
Size (w/h/d mm) 000/000/00 mm
Size (w/h/d inches) 00/00/006



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