Intel: 75 Ultrabook Designs on the Way, Prices to Reach $699

By Michael Kan, IDG News

Intel said on Wednesday 75 ultrabook models are already in development and will include new form factors such as hybrids, which can switch from laptops to touchscreen tablets.

The chip maker also expects ultrabooks will reach a starting price of US$699 within several months by the back-to-school period this year, as the company works to boost retail visibility of the ultrabook form factor through a new marketing campaign. Currently ultrabooks are priced from about $800 upwards.

Intel announced the ultrabook concept last May, aiming to create new laptops that are not only thin and light, but also feature long battery life and quick turn-on times on par with tablets. To support the development, Intel has invested $300 million in companies that develop new technologies for ultrabooks.

Since the announcement, 21 ultrabook devices have hit the market, but more are on the way, said Kirk Skaugen, Intel general manager for the PC Client group. Newer ultrabooks will come with several new features including touchscreens for Windows 8 and hybrid designs, he added.

“I think we can deliver the best of a tablet, and the best in what (users) know in a notebook,” Skaugen told reporters.

Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Lenovo unveiled an ultrabook device called the IdeaPad Yoga, which has a touchscreen display that can flip into a tablet. The device runs Windows 8, which Microsoft will release later this year.

To highlight ultrabooks, Intel has launched a “multi-hundred million dollar” advertising campaign for the devices, which will lead to new TV and Internet advertisements, Skaugen said. More info

  • Shaly_Leann

    Don’t be fooled by the design. Shitty hardware inside that the laptop won’t last for a year. I bought 2 acers laptops , both of them were thin and looked good . The first one was about to explode in my face because it got overheated suddenly and never worked after that.

    Bloggers have you, I’m through the the-best-ultrabooks-of-2012 (blogger friends of chain) blog to, read your article, that you and so-and-so are very bad.

    The second one had factory defects from the factory , and I returned it immediately to the seller. The funny thing is that when I called acer to have them replace my laptop, they told me that they only fix laptops they don’t replace them since they don’t have a store !. So even their warranty sucks. No more acers for me NO MORE.